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PERI gives its local branches a free hand in the creation of marketing communications and still retains full control

Make everything yourself or let it be done? Keeping control over everything or giving free rein? When it comes to marketing communications for international companies, this question is not always easy to answer. Especially if you have such high demands on quality as PERI. With the introduction of Relatial, PERI has provided its national subsidiaries with a tool. Independently and in the shortest possible time, they can use it to create their own communication - and: always comply with Corporate Design guidelines.

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  • High quality standards of PERI with regard to CI specifications
  • Lengthy and costly process for the independent creation of communication materials by the country subsidiaries
  • Lack of MarTech infrastructure to use the CHILI publisher

PERI SE is the world's leading supplier of formwork and scaffolding technology with over 65 subsidiaries on all continents.

With so many national companies, creating a uniform global presence is not easy, but it is a major concern for PERI. In the past, PERI therefore had all communication media created by its in-house graphics department in Germany. The national subsidiaries were not free to create their own communication materials. Instead, they had to contact the head office with their wishes. Briefing, creation and coordination always took a few days. Unfortunately, this meant that short-term requirements often led to stress or frustration for both sides.

During a country conference, the idea arose to decentralize the creation of communication materials in the future and to use one tool - the CHILI publisher. For this, PERI needed an infrastructure in which the CHILI publisher could be embedded. This is needed as a user interface, to manage drafts and to define roles and rights. Relatial offers a standard solution for the integration of the CHILI publisher and also impresses with its high level of expertise in the creation of templates in CHILI. Therefore, Relatial was the perfect partner for PERI to support them during the implementation.

"The tool greatly reduces the workload of our in-house agency, as marketing materials can now be created directly by the national subsidiaries.

International marketing managers no longer need agency support, but can produce CI-compliant communication media without graphic program knowledge. This significantly saves time and money."
Project management, PERI

With Relatial, PERI has found a solution with which the national companies can independently create their marketing materials. The detour via the in-house graphics department is no longer necessary. Nevertheless, all CI specifications are adhered to. Relatial enables the national subsidiaries to create ads, online banners, social media posts, etc. within a very short time - virtually at the push of a button. The country subsidiaries have exactly as much freedom as PERI allows in each individual case via the role rights system.

The editing of the templates and the management of the designs is so simple that the country subsidiaries have no need for support. The portal is accessed via the PERI marketing intranet without a separate login. The entire system is based on a principle that everyone is familiar with from their private shopping experience on the Internet: a store interface. The respective user selects a template, edits it and places it in his shopping cart - or saves it for later. He then receives the finished (print) file when the action is completed.

PERI is completely independent in the provision of templates for its national companies. They are built by the internal marketing department itself. This did not require much more than training by Relatial's team of experts. Relatial now only provides the license for use.

"From HQ's point of view: Since the tool was introduced, our in-house agency has been able to devote more time to designing new campaigns and strategic tasks.

From the perspective of the national companies: Marketing materials can always be produced on time thanks to independent work."
Project management, PERI
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  • Independent marketing communication by the country subsidiaries
  • Fast time-to-market: instead of 2 weeks coordination time, materials are created in 5 minutes
  • Ensured compliance with CI specifications
  • Happy country subsidiaries
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