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Frequently asked

What is Relatial?

Relatial is a marketing portal that specialises in the management of complex organisational structures and the individualisation as well as localisation of marketing materials. The platform consists of a central portal that manages and provides all data and allows external systems to be connected. In addition, it has a powerful internal e-commerce application that makes ordering marketing materials easy and user-friendly. Furthermore, CHILI publisher is integrated and enhanced with useful document management features. We are proud to offer our customers a one-stop solution for their marketing needs that makes managing and ordering materials as easy as possible.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

SAAS stands for "Software as a Service" and refers to a type of software that is provided as a service over the internet. Users can access the software without downloading or installing it. Unlike traditional software that you install on your own computer, SAAS is delivered over the internet and runs on the provider's servers. The user does not have to provide or manage their own infrastructure.

SAAS products offer many advantages, such as:

  • No high initial investment in hardware or infrastructure
  • No need for internal IT resources for maintenance and support
  • Flexibility and scalability, as most SAAS solutions are billed monthly and can be easily adapted to changing needs
  • Updates and enhancements are provided by the vendor and installed automatically

How is Relatial hosted?

We host our solution in a German data centre in accordance with European data protection regulations. 

Is my data secure?

netzwerk P has obtained TISAX certification, which is the automotive industry's standard for information security management. TISAX requirements are significantly more stringent than the ISO 27001 standards. Our certification shows that we are dedicated to safeguarding our customers' data and is an indication of our strong emphasis on data security. Furthermore, we host our servers in Europe and continuously update our platform with the latest security measures, ensuring that our customers' data is always protected.

What is a brand or marketing portal?

A brand portal (or also called a marketing portal) is an online platform that helps companies communicate and promote their brand identity and brand values. It is a central place where companies can store and share all important brand information internally and externally. This includes, for example, design guidelines, campaign information, logos and other assets.

The primary purpose of a brand portal is to ensure that all employees and external partners of a company can access the same brand information and resources. It can also help ensure brand consistency and integrity by being a central platform where the latest versions of brand materials are available and preventing the use of outdated or unauthorised brand resources.

A brand portal can also include features that facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas and feedback between team members, such as commenting and rating and reviewing features for brand resources.

From what size of company is Relatial useful?

The size of the company is not necessarily decisive for your decision. Consider how complex your MarTech landscape is, how complex your marketing supply processes are and how many marketing customisations you have created manually. For the last point, we provide a simple calculator here. Find out how quickly Relatial can be profitable for you. 

Do you charge per user?

Unlike many other providers, we rely on a fixed monthly fee. This offers you the following advantages: 

  • Cost savings: As you don't have to pay for each individual user who may only use the software sporadically. Instead, they pay for all use of the software, regardless of how many people access it.
  • Simpler administration: Managing software licences and controlling billing is easier. 
  • Predictability: They have better predictability and predictability of costs because they pay a fixed amount for the use of the software. This can make it easier to plan budgets and control spending.
  • Scalability: We simply grow with you and you don't have to even think about it! 

Can I integrate other software & tools with Relatial?

Yes, we can integrate already existing or later added external MarTech applications into our brand portal. Via our API, we provide user information, rights and much more to the other applications. This way you create a central place for all your marketing technology applications. 

How does the setup / onboarding work?

Relatial is a standard application that nevertheless offers a wide range of options, settings and customisations. We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless integration of our software into your business processes and are therefore happy to organise an initial workshop to clarify your requirements. We then configure your system individually and make it available to you. We also offer support and webinar assistance if required. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What are the payment methods?

The licence costs are invoiced annually in advance.

Can I upgrade or downgrade/switch plans at any time?

You can always switch between our other standard packages. If you have our CUSTOM package, there are some special aspects to consider. Just talk to your customer manager about it! 

What is your cancelation policy?

After 24 months, you can cancel the subscription at the end of each quarter. 

Do I need a chilli publish licence or can I bring my own?

If you would like to edit documents in Relatial, you need a CHILI publisher licence. We can integrate your existing CHILI publisher licence into your Relatial environment. If you don't have one yet, we will take care of everything else. As a CHILI partner we are able to offer you attractive conditions and everything from one source. 

Can you help me with the creation of CHILI templates and/or do you take over this service completely?

As the market leader in the creation of CHILI templates, no requirements are too complex for us. A whole team of CHILI template designers in the background is ready to help you with your requirements or to handle entire campaigns for you. Talk to your customer manager about this service!

Can I connect Relatial to my existing user infrastructure?

We support standard user authentication services such as OKTA, AZURE and SAML. We can also create other connections for you individually. Please contact your customer manager. 

Can I print on demand with Relatial?

Yes, you can customise marketing materials and then hand them over directly to your print partner for production. If you do not have a partner, we will be happy to help you select a production service provider and integrate them into our system. 

Can I produce personalised mass data (e.g. print mailings) with Relatial?

Yes, Relatial offers address upload, personalisation and volume data generation capabilities. For one of our clients, we generate several hundred thousand print mailings per month in an automated way. Please ask for a demo!

What types of marketing materials do you support?

We support all analogue and digital formats. In specific terms, this means: PoS Materials, Merchandising, Clothing/Textiles, Print Products, Ads, Mailings, Packaging, Vehicle Signage, Display Banners, Social Media Banners, Digital Magazines, E-Mail Banners, Social Media Ads, Social Media Posts, Digital Signage, WhatsApp Status and much more.

What knowledge do I need for the customisation of marketing materials?

None. Customising and ordering marketing materials becomes as easy as online shopping through Relatial. Yet you still have full control over your branding. All design rules are stored accordingly in the templates. Let us demonstrate this to you.

In which system languages is Relatial available?

We currently support German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Russian. We can integrate other languages for you on request. 

What hardware or software requirements does Relatial need?

An ordinary laptop with an up-to-date operating system and browser version is sufficient. No further software is required. 

How long does it take until Relatial is ready?

The basic package is ready for use after about 4 weeks. The other packages depend on your requirements.