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How Daimler Truck AG managed an unsolved MarTech puzzle

The MarTech landscape is growing rapidly and becoming more and more unmanageable. It feels like new technical solution and puzzle pieces are added every day. It takes patience and concentration to find the right parts. It is especially difficult when the individual MarTech parts are not compatible with each other! Then only a glimpse of a complete system becomes visible, but the big picture remains hidden. Or rather: the full potential of the martech tools can only be used if all the components are connected with each other.

Daimler Truck AG has created a connector for its parts of the puzzle with Relatial. The result is a complete puzzle with perfectly integrated shops and configurators. All components can be found in one portal and are linked to each other by a central roles and rights system.

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  • Splitting of Daimler AG into Daimler Truck AG and Mercedes-Benz Group AG
  • System architecture without connections between the individual tools
  • Disorder in the distribution of roles and rights
  • Accesses separately for each system

The separation of Daimler AG into two separate groups - Daimler Truck AG and Mercedes-Benz Group AG - required Daimler Truck AG to reorganise its system landscape. A challenge, but at the same time a great opportunity. In the previous years, new tools had always been added without any connections to the existing ones. When adding new tools, they had only thought in fragments and had not seen the big picture. The result was a puzzle in which the pieces did not want to work together.

In addition, a uniform role-rights strategy was missing. Until then, it was determined individually in each system who got which access rights. A confusing situation: many individual systems with separate access data and different role rights assignments.

Daimler Truck AG was now looking for a central user administration and a portal through which the dealers could access all the shop systems and configurators they needed.

"After the demerger of Daimler AG, we were faced with the problem of having to separate our advertising materials shop from that of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. In addition, we wanted to integrate the FUSO advertising material shop into the Truck Shop.

The constant need for new logins had led to frustration in the past, especially among the dealers. Therefore, we also wanted to use the reorganisation to centralise access to all tools."
Marketing, Daimler Truck AG

With the Portal from Relatial, Daimler Truck AG has found a product that meets all its requirements and needs. The result is a composite puzzle of individual perfectly integrated tools - bundled in one portal.

The users - the Daimler Truck dealers - can now find everything they need in one place. The connecting piece is the central user administration. The frustration of constantly having to log in again is over. With just one login, they now have access to all shops, configurators and functions, depending on which contract and access rights are stored. They can access the communication materials and advertising materials they need more quickly and in a more relaxed manner.

The individual parts of the portal in concrete terms:

3 shop systems: These are an advertising materials shop, a shop for ordering event materials and a ticket tool. The ticket tool is used by dealers to book tickets for events in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin for their customers.

The integrated mailing configurator, including a lettershop, allows dealers to customise mailing campaigns to meet their needs and send the mailings automatically by post. Assets such as signatures and letterheads are managed centrally here. Configurations of other advertising media such as advertisements are also possible.

Daimler Truck AG has created a big picture out of a messy collection of puzzle pieces, which can be easily expanded with more solutions in the future.

"Above all, the central user administration simplifies the work for all parties. The defined rights of the individual dealers mean that there are no longer conflicts about who is authorised to order something and who is not."
Marketing, Daimler Truck AG
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  • Central user administration for 730 operations
  • 1 login for all systems
  • 3 shops (advertising material shop, event material shop, ticket shop)
  • Integrated advertising material configurator
  • Centralised mailing administration incl. assets (signatures, letterheads etc.)
  • Simplified and faster processes for dealers
  • Less frustration
Daimler Truck Relatial Portal
Daimler Truck Relatial Shop