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Bundle all material
Produce demand-driven
Make it easy to buy
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Are you still collecting order quantities through e-mail? Calling different partners for different promotions – both physical and digital?

How about bringing everything together into one place – making them as easy to order as your last pair of shoes?


Meet Relatial!

Boost sustainability in marketing! Demand-driven production and provision of both physical and digital marketing materials.

No more full inbox. If your partners need something, they can access it directly. You will have full transparency over usage and demand.

We know how stressful it can be to collect order amounts and to synchronize production and delivery.

We have been working with global leaders in different industries and have the experience in bringing everything together.

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Learn how Daimler Truck benefits from their Shop

Get there in
3 steps:

Gather your business units
We analyze their processes and how to merge them
After implementing some of our rocket science you will enjoy the best b2b shopping experience
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Searching in different places
Inefficient procurement
Wasting your budget on unnecessary material
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Sustainable marketing
Predicting demands
Availability in one place

Do you want the best-in-class marketing for your organization?

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