RelatialAI – ​become superhuman!

Rapid text creation ​and translation
Intelligent text evaluation​
Seamless integration​
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Tired of creating content for social media or product descriptions?​

How about having an assistant which knows your company and products and is not only helping in writing, but also in developing ideas and conceptualizing campaigns?​


Meet Relatial!

RelatialAI is your integrated assistant that makes it easy for you to create high-quality content.​

From brainstorming new ideas, enriching data, comparing or summarizing information – you can ask your assistant for anything – in every language.​

We know how difficult it can be to create new ideas and content under pressure.​

We haven been working with global leaders in different industries and know how important it is to quickly generate unique content which fits your corporate identity.

Get there in
3 steps:

Setup Relatial​
Teach the assistant what’s important for your content
​Analyze, summarize and create content like a superhuman
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Using AI which doesn’t know your brand and products​
Going through all your content manually
​Creating content with external resources​
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Brainstorming ideas with your personal assistant​
Getting content instantly and at much lower costs​
Increasing productivity and quality​

Do you want the best-in-class marketing for your organization?

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