PORTAL – Your martech-universe!

Connect all martech-tools
Use one central access
Assign roles and rights
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Is your marketing team still traveling far between galaxies, tools and databases?

How about bringing everything and everyone together into one martech-universe?


Meet Relatial!

Unite your entire marketing infrastructure. One central access to all your tools and databases.

With smart role and rights management, you are in full control over access rights and permissions. From simple hierarchies to complex dealer and franchise structures. You are in full control of all actions.

We get it - keeping track of all systems, tools, users and their different access rights is not easy.

We have been working with global leaders in different industries and have the experience in bringing everything together.

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Learn how Daimler Truck benefits from their Portal

Get there in
3 steps:

We take a look at your systems and users
We provide you with a concept on how to centralize it
Big Bang! Your marketing-universe with all your systems in one place and only one central access
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Manual workarounds
Switching between tools
Dissatisfaction of your users
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Your single point of truth
Integrating your tools
Getting transparency and speed

Do you want the best-in-class marketing for your organization?

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