ECOSYSTEM for CHILI GraFx – the integration boost!

integrate and manage content
collaborate with others
learn what's really needed
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You’ve already been looking for a design editing tool? Then you probably came across CHILI publisher - the leading software for creative automation.

You would like to start working but something is missing?


Meet Relatial!

To use the full potential of CHILI publisher you need the right ecosystem.
With Relatial you can integrate and manage your content. Your designs can be saved as drafts and shared with your team.
On top of that you can also see which designs have been used the most and get more focus.

We know how frustrating it can be to acquire something but it’s not working the way you expected to.

We are the market leader in template based publishing and we have already developed the ecosystem CHILI publisher needs to develop its full potential.

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Learn how PERI benefits from their Ecosystem

Get there in
3 steps:

Setup of the ecosystem and integration of your CHILI publisher
We update your templates
You can now manage designs, safe drafts and collaborate with others
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Developing something that already exists
Wasting time and money


Getting the most out of CHILI
Profiting from the developments of other global leaders
Boosting your user experience

Do you want the best-in-class marketing for your organization?

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